About Takyon

We pride ourselves on having the best online & offline professionals, guaranteeing premium quality servicing for you.

A Brief History

 Takyon has a history of 12 years from the date of inception in the year 2001 and subsequently incorporated as a private limited company in the year 2004. The purpose of its formation was to strengthen the hands of Micro financing companies and ‘not for profit’ societies in serving the under privileged strata of society by ensuring operational efficiency by leveraging on Information Technology. Takyon has come a long way in providing IT products and solutions, not just for Micro financing sector but to a variety of sectors with rich clientele, which has been getting widened ever after. From the date of inception to till date, Takyon has stood for its commitment to social cause, a way shown by its Chairman and a great philanthropist, Mr. K Paul Thomas, the key person of ESAF Group of institutions with service and holistic development of the society as his prime motive.

From diversifying into many sectors with a core focus on providing IT & IT enabled solutions to small and medium business enterprises in Kerala and Karnataka, Takyon is currently serving Banks with 100s of branches in Rural and Cooperative Sector, pan India. Takyon has also been chosen as a preferred web enabled IT solutions provider for Dubai court and Dubai Police. With its never ending quest for innovation and perfection, Takyon could always come out with products and solutions which simplifies even the most complicated work processes which results in ‘Customer delight’ which is the never drying source of motivation for us to better ourselves, day by day, minute by minute.


To be a leading IT company in consulting, development & training.


Continuously add value to our stakeholders through innovation and ever improving service quality.

Core Values:

• Sensibility- In understanding business.
• Innovation- In Products & Services
• Delight- For customers ‘
• Fair & Firm- Employees & Other stakeholders.