Our Flagship Product

School ReportZ

School ReportZ is an initiative to help schools and parents to be in touch using information and communication technology (ICT). school reportzIt helps teachers to keep parents informed on their child and his/her performance and parents could interact with the concerned teachers to make sure that they involve actively in the education of their child and contributing positively for his/her holistic development.

  • Innovative and effective tool to help parenting and teaching by enhancing effective communication.
  • Mobile App and SMS based reporting and interactive communication system for schools.



Live Up With Mobile Technologymob

Mobile phones have brought in paradigm shift in the way we communicate. Phones have evolved from just a device to communicate to a device hold the whole world for our use and experience with the introduction and development of smart phones and PDAs. Mobile technology has evolved in such a manner that we can buy anything or makes any payments using our mobile from where ever we are. For any business to be competitive and to stay afloat, it has to have a mobile identity and reachability.
Takyon with its competition in developing application for different mobile operating systems, is capable of developing and deploying mobile applications should be carefully designed and developed with a view to bring the business to the small device but with a view to make the selling or payment process easier for a customer. 
 Takyon analyses the business carefully and map the same in such a manner that the client and its customers got a complete shopping experience.
We at Takyon, structure a mobile application as a multi-layered application consisting of,

  • User Experienc.
  • Business.
  • Data Analysis.


The process starts with analyzing the requirements, understanding key components, definition of the application, understanding key components, scenarios where it will be used and technology to be used.

The platform we work on :

  • iOS, iPhone/iPad Applications .
  • Android Applications.
  • BlackBerry Applications.
  • Windows Applications .
  • Mobile web.
  • Native applications.
  • Mobile compatible websites.
  • Integrate mobile device interface with existing applications.
  • Mobile enabled existing corporate/business applications


iOS formerly called iPhone OS  is one of the advanced mobile platform developed by Apple.  The powerful foundation which the iPhone built is making the amazing user experience. The apps can be created with the help of iOS SDK and Xcode. Takyon specializes in developing iPhone apps as per the need of customer. We have a dedicated team of programmers in iPhone app development and they can help you to develop iPhone app as per your need. Tools which we are using to create iPhone applications are discussed below.

  • Cocoa: - is the framework which we are using to create the buttons, table list, gestures and page transitions on iPhone. This is a powerful framework includes objective-c which can perform entire task in few line of codes.
  • UIKit: - is the public framework used for creating the user interface in iOS. UIKit describe component hierarchies using XML files.
  • Adobe Air: - is a cross-operating system runtime which support developing applications with web technologies. This helps to deploy applications which using the technologies such as HTML, Flex, Action Script, Adobe Flash Professional, JavaScript and Adobe Flash Builder across platforms and devices.
  • Phone gap: is an open source framework to build cross platform applications in java script, HTML and CSS that helps the developer to author native applications with these web technologies and get access to APIs and app stores.

Android is an open source platform to launch innovative mobile applications that emerge the mobile industry for the better. Java libraries make the android very powerful.
Takyon had foreseen the benefits of android over other mobile operating systems and we have invested lot of time to make each Android developer to make him capable for creating an application back end all by him. Takyon’s technical expertise in this field can offer you custom and scalable applications at affordable cost.
We are focusing on,

  • Android Phone Application Development.
  • Custom Android Application Development.
  • Android Enterprise Application Development.
  • Android Application Maintenance and Upgrade.
  • Android Multimedia Application Development.
  • Android Application Testing.




Blackberry OS is a QNX based platform which powered by java and runs exclusively on Blackberry tablet devices and Blackberry smart phones. Blackberry support Flash, AIR and flex and the open source libraries such as Box2D, Cocos2D-X, Lua, Qt, OpenAL, and more. This can be integrating with Scoreloop SDK for native applications.
We are using BlackBerry Runtime for Android apps to quickly and easily port an Android app to BlackBerry OS. Takyon ensure cost effective and flexible services for your business by using highly extensive and expertise in developing applications in Blackberry.
We ensure;

  • Best class solution to clients from diverse industrial background.
  • We take end-to-end responsibility for delivering customized application that ensures you high quality output and fast turnaround at a reasonable rate.
  • We provide solutions and services related to Blackberry app development.
  • We offer real time tracking of the project progress to the clients by providing a constant touch point between the client and the team.


Windows Application

Takyon  provide robust, reliable and easily updatable windows applications that developing  on  broad Windows OS platforms such as Windows Mobile 5.0, Windows Mobile 6.0, Windows Mobile 6.1, Windows Mobile 6.5.
Takyon have extensive knowledge in windows mobile applications that can help you to meet your business needs. We shall ensure end to end development services in windows mobile application.

Mobile Web
Mobile technologies have become powerful enough to build full featured applications. Now its replacing the kingdom of desktop and laptops. The advantage of mobile web is, the mobile browsers getting direct access to the hardware including accelerometers and GPS Chips. The main issue existing in accessing mobile web access is interoperability; ie, platform fragmentation and operating systems using in mobile phones. Despite of these defects, mobile web is one of the most used platform chasing iOS and Android.
Mobile enabled existing corporate/business applications
Mobile enabled business applications provide timely access to critical information, when most needed. We at Takyon provide solutions across mobile platform including iPhone, iPad, iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows, for the customers in various verticals such as Education and insurance, Healthcare, Banking and Financial Services, Manufacturing, Retail. By using mobile applications in business, we offer mobile enabled business applications for improving customers business in these areas;

  • Management of a decentralized workforce.
  • Improved data timeliness and quality.
  • Reduction in process cycle times.
  • Improved customer satisfaction.
  • Reduction in operating costs.
  • Increased end user productivity