Internet Marketing

Our Internet Marketing services offers you the best possible way to increase your product reach via our SEM(Search Engine Marketing) services and PPC (Pay per Click) campaign management. Targeted Internet Marketing would guarantee increased traffic to your website providing you a big boost to your overall business performance.
This is only possible with building a brand new website or renovating your existing business website to incorporate elements which are favored by search engines.

Search Engine Optimization

       Optimizing your web portal for search engines like Google,Yahoo etc plays the important role in internet marketing. If you have a business and you want to popularize it through the internet, then we'll suggest you search engine optimization is best way to market your business on internet. When people search for a specific matter and you wish to list your portal on the top ten of their search results then you need to optimize your site for search engines. The over all process to list your site for a specific search in the front page of search engines is termed as Search Engine Optimization.

       A Professional search engine optimization company like Takyon plays an important role in any marketing plan, devised for online marketing. Online marketing is a key factor in gaining customers and profits for business ventures these days. It is no longer relevant to just create website and expect it bring you revenue and profits.
SEO can provide higher rankings, greater brand visibility and more visitors to the site. Hiring professional help for SEO processes can prove advantageous for a business.

•    Static Sites
•    Content Management System
•    E-commerce Sites
•    Database Driven Website
•    Professional Blog Designs

Social Media Optimization

Since we are going through a "Social Networking Era", Its very easy to "Reach Your Targeted Customers'. Most of social networking sites lie Facebook,Orkut ,Google Plus offers advertisement programs. The main advantage of Advertising through social media is that you can  "Reach Your Target Customers" very easily. Targeting your customers means that " Reach exactly the people you want with ads that let you target by age, location, interests and more".

!) Reach the Right People at the Right Time: People treat social networking sites as an authentic part of their lives, so you can be sure you are connecting with real people with real interest in your products.

2) Flexible pricing provide guidance for cost-effective ad campaigns: Controlling our advertisement budget is our right. We can select the advertisement method as either Pay Per Click (PPC) or Pay for Page impressions (PPM). These are the  two plans in social media optimization.



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The Social Networking Giant Facebook offers a bidding scheme for their advertisements. Every ad is bid on a cost per click or cost per thousand impressions  basis. Each time a user views a page that displays Facebook ads, an auction takes place to determine which eligible ad(s) will be shown on that impression. Our auction is designed to make our advertising marketplace as efficient as possible so as to maximize the value created for users and advertisers. The auction takes several factors into account when selecting the "winning" ads.